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We will educate our young participants around the importance of health and wellness. We will target illness and conditions that are more common in minorities. Throughout the program we will have sessions focused on self-esteem related topics and common struggles young people face at their age.

We will target:

- Preventive Care

- Proper Nutrition

- Managing Stress

- Healthy skin and body care

- Mental Illness awareness

Building your Brand

We will focus on our participants in an individual level to determine where his/her passion lies. We will explore strengths and expose hidden talents that can be further groomed. We will also get back to the basics with understanding proper etiquette in various areas:

- Social media etiquette

- Classroom/professional etiquette



We will ensure our young participants are confident in their communication skills. In this segment we will practice mock debates, and proper etiquette around differences of opinion with others. This program will have several opportunities for our participants to hone in on enhancing their speech, annunciation, and vocabulary skills.


Building Wealth

We will teach our young participants the importance of financial literacy. The segment also includes a focus on entrepreneurship.  


We will target:


- Understanding Credit

- Banking 101

- Prioritizing with spending

- Understanding your pay stub (if applicable) 

- *Entrepreneurship Challenge 

*Entrepreneurship Challenge- Day 1 of each session participants will be given an assigned business to run and operate. 

Throughout the session each participant will be given opportunities and challenges to overcome which will affect his/her total net worth. The object of the challenge is to end with enough wealth to leave for family or loved ones to inherit. This will teach our participants about the importance of budgeting, investments, prioritizing, and paint a very vivid picture of life after school.


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