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Summer Virtual Program Overview

Welcome to our Summer Virtual Curriculum!! Starting Sunday, May 31, there will be a new exercise available for the week. Each Sunday you'll watch a video from our CEO, Stacy Penright, discussing the weekly assignment. Throughout the week, there will be a post available on several social media platforms (IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn), as well as a comment section on the Respect MyVoice website, and other platforms we discuss throughout the week.

Learn more and Register below !!

What's offered in the Respect MyVoice virtual curriculum ?

  •  Full course on each of our targeted pillars

    • Health/Wellness

      • Exercises on managing stress

      • Learning to cope with change

      • Resiliency exercises

      • Diseases/Illnesses that effect Black/Minority communities

    • Building Wealth

      • Wealth Challenge Program | Here you will be taxed with owning and managing your own business. You'll be responsible for payroll, marketing, day-to-day activities, accounting, and managing customer expectations. Goal: End the program in the black (positive net income).

      • Participants will learn basic accounting and business terms while running and managing your own business.

    • Building Your Brand

      • Learning Social media responsibility

      • Creating and maintaining the image you would like others to see

      • Managing expectations (personally and professionally)

      • Building your brand as an individual and an entity

    • Communication

      • Debate Training

      • Book Club

      • Effective communication exercises

      • Properly speaking in front of an audience

      • Writing/Presenting communication skills & basics

  • Weekly Blog Posts

  • FREE Resources to be used during and after the program. YOURS TO KEEP !!


Who can participate in Respect MyVoice virtual curriculum ?

  • Students (Incoming or Current Grade Levels)

    • Middle School | 6th - 8th graders | Registration Level: Green Team

    • High School | 9th - 12th graders | Registration Level: Orange Team

  • Adult Learning | all levels | Registration Level: Black Team


Why should I participate or have my student/child participate?

  • Our mission here at Respect MyVoice is to provide FREE & Quality resources to our community, LET US!!

  • Learn new skills you may want to gain or enhance

  • Work from wherever you are. Mobile access available for most assignments.

  • IT'S FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!!

Register Here

Please fill out this form in its entirety. If completing for a student, fill in their information and guardian information at the bottom. If completing for yourself, and a student please complete two separate registrations.

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